Fillet Steak

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Beef Fillet Steak

minimum weight 180g

Tender, outdoor reared, UK grass-fed beef
Traditionally matured for a minimum of 21 days
Trimmed by hand from the centre of the fillet

Please Note: Steaks are sold in single packs

Cut to weight and sealed on the day the order is despatched
Sent direct to your door (delivery - Wednesday or Thursday)
Shelf life 6 days
Suitable for home-freezing

If frozen: - Store at <-18ºC 
Recommended Shelf Life for opened pack : Shelf life 6 days
Frozen: Once defrosted store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours

Suitable cooking methods:
Pan-frying, BBQ, Low Temperature Cooking


The cut: There are two fillets per animal (one on each side), located in the lumbar region beneath the back bone, on the opposite side of the bone to the sirloin.The fillet does very little work so is very tender and also very low in fat hence it has a delicate, light flavour and will benefit from good hanging. Almost no external fat is present so marbling through the meat is essential to avoid dryness.

Alternatives: There isn’t one, really, but you could try heart of rump.

Cooking: Best suited to quick cooking but a successful roast can be obtained using the head or thick centre section. This is by far the tenderest cut on the carcass but it is also the most subtle in flavour. This tenderness makes it ideal for serving underdone or even raw in a carpaccio or steak tartare. For steaks, pan fry them in olive oil with a little butter added half way through cooking. Don’t cook them any more than medium and avoid too strong a sauce.

They are fully trimmed of all exterior fat, yet marbled enough to deliver full flavour.

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