Boiling Beef 1000g

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Boiling Beef 

minimum weight 1000g

Boiled beef is a delicious way of cooking a cheaper cut of beef and, as a bonus, there should be a quantity of stock left over to make soup with later. 
Serve with parsley dumplings poached in the broth and creamed horseradish.

Boiling beef is basically beef for stew. The word "boiling" is deceptive, though, since meat really shouldn't be boiled. (It will get tough.) After browning the meat and adding liquids, bring to a light simmer then reduce the heat so that it is just bubbling every now and then. This will give you the most tender meat; true, hard boiling will make meat stringy and tough. (Too much heat!)

Cut to weight and sealed on day order despatched
Sent direct to your door (delivery - Wednesday or Thursday)
Shelf life 6 days
Suitable for home-freezing

If frozen: - Store at <-18ºC 
Recommended Shelf Life for opened pack : Shelf life 6 days
Frozen: Once defrosted store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours