Rolled Brisket - 2000g

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Brand: J. B. Houston
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Rolled Brisket

minimum weight 2kg - 2000g

After pot roasting, this traditional joint is melt-in-the-mouth tender. It tastes great hot for family meals or sliced cold for a buffet.
Great value cut for family meals, hand-cut from our own top quality beef, pot roast to release the full flavour

Suitable cooking methods:

Cut to weight and sealed on day order despatched
Sent direct to your door (delivery - Wednesday or Thursday)
Shelf life 6 days
Suitable for home-freezing

If frozen: - Store at <-18ºC 
Recommended Shelf Life for opened pack : Shelf life 6 days
Frozen: Once defrosted store between 0 - 5ºC - Use within 24 hours


The cut: From the breast area, the brisket is typically boned and rolled allowing it to be trimmed of any excess fat. It’s not best suited for quick cooking methods but responds well to slow cooking and is a very economical cut. Brisket is also a popular choice for making salt or pickled beef.
Alternatives: Silverside will react in a similar way to a long, slow braise, can be bought in the same manner and has a similar physical shape.
Cooking: A cheap source of good eating – five hours in a slow cooker and it is butter tender.